Muslim Experience
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Religious + Social Features

Community-based Mobile App


Five-time obligatory prayer’s timetable and notification.


Direction for your prayer from your location.

Quran and Doa

Holy Quran of Islam, doa, and zikr.


Geolocation based feature to find mosques and halal places near your location.

Group activity

ME Supports Quran circle and tahajud call.

Community and the Ummah

Platform for sharing and connecting Muslim within local community and across regions and borders.

About Us

Muslim Experience is a mobile application that provides users with integrated religious and social experience, where users will have access to set of religious-based content and engage in community-based social network to share experience, knowledge, and information about religion and community social life.

It aims to extend Muslim religious experience and practices beyond private realm, toward actively connected and engaged community


Muslim Experience Mobile App

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